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California Instruments 1001P

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Controller Capabilities The P Series uses a precision digital sinewave generator to produce a low distortion output .Dual LCD readouts clearly display programmed settings for voltage, current limit and frequency. Load current is measured using true RMS sensing and can be displayed on the front panel as well. Adjusting voltage, frequency and current limit is accomplished using a set of digitally encoded rotary knobs. For ATE applications, RS232C interface is available as an option. Applications The extended output frequency range of 16 Hz to 500 Hz makes the P Series a suitable source for both commercial as well as avionics applications. Dual voltage ranges provide maximum output current at any programmed voltage up to 270 Volt. The built in rms. current measurement function eliminates the need for external current shunts or transformers to determine load current requirements of the unit under test. For bench use, the P Series features simple and intuitive controls for setting voltage, frequency and current limits. Current drawn by the load can be read directly on the large LCD display to 100 mA resolution. With the addition of the remote control -232 option, the P Series can be used in automated test environments as well.