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Chroma 61701 Programmable AC Source

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*Contact Us to Request a QuoteProgrammable AC Source 0-300V/15-1.2KHZ, 3 phases 1500VA_x000D_ The Chroma Programmable AC Power Source model 61700 series delivers pure, 5- wire, 3-phase AC power. Unlike the traditional 3-phase AC power source, it includes low power rating models at very low cost. Users can program voltage and frequency, measure the critical characteristics of the output on its LCD display. It delivers the right solution to simulate all kinds of input condition of UUT to be utilized in R&D and QA. It is also suitable for commercial applications from laboratory testing to mass productions._x000D_ _x000D_ The 61700 supplies the output voltage from 0 to 300VAC and it can be set individually for each phase. Users also can set the phase angle from 0? to 360?. These kinds of function make the 61700 series can simulate unbalance 3-phase power. Because of the wide output frequency from 15 to 1200Hz, it is suitable for avionics, marine and military application. The AC+DC mode extends the output function to simulate abnormal situation when power line contains DC offset._x000D_ _x000D_ The 61700 series uses the state-of-the-art PWM technology, so it is apable to generate very clean AC output with typical distortion less than 0.3%. With power factor correction circuit, the 61700 series yields higher efficiency and deliver more output power._x000D_ _x000D_ By using advanced DSP technology, the 61700 series offers precision and high speed measurements such as RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, power factor, and current crest factor, etc._x000D_ _x000D_ With the LCD display and rotary knob, the 61700 series offers versatile front panel opera-tion. Users may also control the 61700 series remotely via GPIB, RS232C._x000D_ _x000D_ The self-diagnosis routine and protections against overpower, over current, over voltage, over temperature and fan fail, the 61700 series ensure the quality and reliability for even the most demanding engineering testing and pro-duction line application.