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Bird 4391A

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_x000D_ The ruggedly built, multifunction Bird 4391A RF POWER ANALYST features a digital display, microprocessor-based operation, and simplified, push-button control. This wattmeter is well suited to C3, telemetry, two-way communications, avionics and radar, as well as standard radio and television applications. Features * Frequency: 0.45 to 2700 MHz. Power: 100 mW to 10 kW with 20% over-range * Reads forward and reflected CW or FM power in watts or dBm, Peak Envelope Power of SSB/DSB and symmetrical AM in watts, and peak power for pulses as narrow as 0.8 ?s * Calculates SWR, return loss in dB and % modulation * Stores peak and null readings to facilitate adjustment of maximum and minimum signal levels * Shock-resistant keyboard and range switches. RFI protection * Built-in international power supply/charger Specifications Power Range 100 mW to 10 kW using Bird Plug-in Elements* Frequency Range 450 kHz – 2.7 GHz Insertion VSWR with N Connectors 1.05 max. to 1000 MHz Accuracy Power Readings: 5% of full scale CW, 8% PEP; VSWR: 10% of reading % Modulation: (CW power 1/3 or more of full scale) 5% (0-90%), 10% (90-100%) Usable Over-range to 120% of scale (CW, PEP, SWR and Return Loss) Sampling Rate 2 to 3 readings per second Display 31/2 digit, 0.3″ LED strobed Modulation Frequency 25 Hz – 10,000 Hz (Audio) Pulse Parameters (min.) Pulse width 0.8 Micros (100 MHz – 2700MHz) 1.5 Micros (26 MHz – 99 MHz) 15 Micros (2 MHz – 25 MHz) Repetition Rate 25 PPS, and Duty Factor 1 x 10-4 min. Return Loss 0.3 dB to corresponding SWR value