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Avionics Specialist Inc ASI-200-x Series

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Product Description

ASI-200-X Series of Plug-in Adapter Interfaces for the ASI-2000The ASI Test System is a computer aided, modular system capable of testing a large variety of avionics equipment._x000D_ Equipment tested includes the Collins Pro Line Series, King Gold Crown series, and ARINC standard avionics units._x000D_ The heart of the ASI Test System is the ASI-2000 Mainframe which provides power, test points and computer interface._x000D_ The ASI-2000 will interface to an Apple IIe or a PC (AT compatible or above computer. Use of the PC requires an ASI-401_x000D_ interface panel. Computer cards required for testing are listed below:_x000D_ ASI-200-1= Collins CTL-22,23,32,62,92 _x000D_ ASI-200-2A= Collins VIR-30,31,32 _x000D_ ASI-200-2B= Collins VIR-30,31,32 _x000D_ ASI-200-2C= Collins VIR-30,31,32 _x000D_ ASI-200-2D= Collins VIR-30,31,32 _x000D_ ASI-200-3= Collins VHF-20,21,22 _x000D_ ASI-200-4= Collins CAD-31,62 _x000D_ ASI-200-5= Collins DME-40, 40A, 42 _x000D_ ASI-200-5A-1= DME-Simulator Card _x000D_ ASI-200-6= Collins CTL-230 _x000D_ ASI-200-7= King KFS _x000D_ ASI-200-8= ARINC COM _x000D_ ASI-200-9= ARINC NAV _x000D_ ASI-200-10= Collins ADF-60,60A,60B,462 _x000D_ ASI-200-11= Collins VHF-422 _x000D_ ASI-200-12= Collins VIR-432_x000D_ ASI-200-13= Collins DME-442_x000D_ ASI-200-14= Collins TDR-90, CAD-87G_x000D_ ASI-200-15= Collins DDA-42_x000D_ ASI-200-16= King KDM-706A_x000D_ ASI-200-17A= Collins RTU-870A,RTU-870T_x000D_ ASI-200-18= Collins CAD-870, RAC-870_x000D_ ASI-200-19= Collins BIA-32_x000D_ ASI-200-20= Collins ALT-50A, 55B, 860F-2_x000D_ ASI-200-21= Collins CTL-20,21,30,31,60,61,90,91_x000D_ ASI-200-22= Collins BRG-40_x000D_ ASI-200-23= ARINC Glide Slope_x000D_ ASI-200-24= ARINC DME_x000D_ ASI-200-25= ARINC Transponder_x000D_ ASI-200-26= ARINC Marker Beacon_x000D_ ASI-200-27= Collins CTL-92T (PC Computer only)_x000D_ ASI-200-28= ASI-2000 / Proline II Card _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ Contact us today for quality new and used avionics equipment. If you are upgrading to newer technology we can help.