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Aeroflex-IFR DT400

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Databus Analyzers_x000D_ The DATATRAC 400 clearly establishes the standard for data bus equipment._x000D_ Never have so many powerful tools and features been assembled for supporting_x000D_ digital avionics. Data may be read from up to four buses and displayed in every_x000D_ conceivable format, including graphic plots. Using the DT400’s many diagnostic_x000D_ functions adopted from the most sophisticated logic analyzer systems, it is now_x000D_ much easier to isolate troublesome intermittents. A suspect LRU can be monitored_x000D_ for hours with a breakpoint condition programmed to capture and display fault_x000D_ information. BITE mode provides a very effective tool for interrogating_x000D_ maintenance data from CFDS (ABD0048) and CMC capable avionics. Equipment menus_x000D_ may be read, allowing the user to select and view present fault data, and recall_x000D_ flight data or generate a self test. The DT400 records fault messages for later_x000D_ viewing or downloading. Optional PCMGR software for PC use is available which_x000D_ allows you the ability to redefine label definitions and the opportunity to_x000D_ enter and save complex setups – saves test time._x000D_ Features:_x000D_ _x000D_ Up to four receive and four transmit ports_x000D_ Displays ARINC 604 BITE messages_x000D_ 16-channel data recorder_x000D_ RS-232C and DAC ports for download and conversion_x000D_ Sophisticated analyzer features including breakpoint,_x000D_ history, etc._x000D_ Eight display formats including engineering units and_x000D_ graphic plots_x000D_ Dynamic transmit patterns_x000D_ BITE Formats Compatible with distributed and centralized_x000D_ BITE concept used on 747- 400, 737-300, MD-11, A320, A330, and A340 aircraft_x000D_ Menu Display Standard 14-line x 24-character format, with_x000D_ selectable menu choices_x000D_ Maintenance Words Displays 350/351 label maintenance_x000D_ bits. Bit status along with prestored text presented_x000D_ Recording Feature Save up to 240 BITE screens for later_x000D_ viewing or downloading_x000D_ _x000D_  _x000D_